The Arrangement: Lies book cover

Five years after coming to New York for her cousin Amber's funeral, Jasmine has it all: the man of her dreams, a well-paying job, and a luxury apartment that she shares with her billionaire boyfriend. Little does she know that Aidan has been keeping a secret from that could ruin things forever. When he suddenly ends their relationship without any explanation, Jasmine's beautiful world comes crashing down. Her best friend, Avery Stanz, gives her a clue that might explain everything, and Jasmine sets out on a journey to solve the mystery of why Aidan left. What she discovers shocks her to the core. Will she be able to overcome the magnitude of Aidan's lie, or will love and forgiveness set them both free?

This story can be read separately from The Arrangement. However, some aspects that are referenced will be more enjoyable if you are already familiar with H.M. Ward's bestselling serial.